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Just how to take your members of the family so you can The country of spain

Now we shall mention one of several immigration procedures one to, for sure, you may be most seeking. Since, would you like to bring your friends so you can The country of spain so that they normally lawfully live along with you? In this case, the procedure to do so try members of the family reunification. And you can obtain it pretty easily to do it.

What is the loved ones reunification charge?

Your family reunification charge ‘s the immigration processes whereby a beneficial non-Western european resident having a property enable from inside the Spain can bring their family members to your country; giving them a residence and you can functions allow.

It is vital to remember that just those people from other countries in Spain who’ve renewed their first household authorization meet the criteria to begin this process.

That is, if you are lawfully in the The country of spain for under good year, you still don’t regroup your family. You must have a renewed household allow.

Simultaneously, so when an over-all rule, you should demonstrate that the latest relative we want to offer to help you The country of spain depends financially you. Later on this informative article, we will have how this is done just.

Why don’t we answer perhaps one of the most frequent concerns people foreigner. ily on the nation? The answer is straightforward: no.

You might only regroup your parents otherwise mothers-in-legislation (ascendants), take your students or the pupils of your own partner (descendants), along with your spouse otherwise preferred-laws mate.

The only real variation will be based upon the specific criteria otherwise documents one to are expected with respect to the friend we would like to regroup.

How to regroup family

You should to consider that people is simply regroup people not as much as 18. Simply in the case of your family reunification within the People program would it be you are able to so you’re able to regroup people more than 18 age of age. However, simply up until 21.

On latter case (regrouping of kids ranging from 18 and you may twenty-one), it might be important to reveal that he’s understanding (having good college or university certificate) and that they try economically determined by your (mother). This isn’t you can easily to take her or him whether they have an effective work price.

The new 21-season restrict could be exceeded only if perhaps the little one has actually a demonstrable and you will adequate impairment to be able to you need her moms and dads to stay fees from them.

How can we show that they really are our kids? This might be the only additional demands to satisfy having regrouping a child. We need to deliver the beginning certification within immigration place of work.

Fundamentally, also to have demostrated the required economic reliance, you ought to inform you how money transmits was indeed knew during the past years.

How to regroup the husband or wife

Article 53.b. of Immigration Laws allows you to regroup each other your spouse (loved one) and you will anybody which have whom you have the same relationships thread. Which is, it’s possible in order to regroup the de municipal companion or concubine (“pareja de hecho”).

Likewise, the latest municipal partners otherwise spouse shall be regrouped whether or not she is out-of a new gender otherwise of the same gender.

It is essential to keep in mind to carry your own lover or spouse/spouse should be to establish the wedding certificate otherwise municipal partnership registration. This is the file you to testifies brand new affective thread.

To do this, you can easily use a joint registration certificate (“empadronamiento”) or rental arrangement in which both couples was entered.

Just how to regroup your parent

Regrouping parents or perhaps in-laws and regulations can become probably one of the most cutting-edge tips. That’s because certain requirements become came across are very strict.


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